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                     THE PNEUMATIC TOOL LOCKOUT...                                                                                         

INTRODUCTION: For years only one device was marketed for locking out air fittings. This tool did not provide the means to deter detachment of the air fitting along with the lock. We introduced our Pneumatic Tool Lockout in Sept 2003 to address this concern and offer the consumer an option. Ran our 1st production run in Olive Green, followed by Glossy Red

FUNCTION: As a safety device it provides a means to secure operation of pneumatic tools and lines that use a popular quick connect style fitting. Pneumatic tools can cause bodily injury when in the hands of untrained personnel. A secondary use is for security by deterring tool theft and preventing unauthorized tool usage. Application requires no tools or equipment modifications.

DESCRIPTION / DIMENSIONS: 1 inch aluminum channel with 1inch legs. 1-1/2” long. Keyhole shape punched into back. Powder PE coated red. Production runs for “1/4 inch” size fittings. 3/8”size available.

FEATURES/BENEFITS: The integral parallel legs of the device act as shields. These shields present difficulty when fitting or lock removal is attempted. The keyhole location and overall length was selected to facilitate application of various padlock sizes and shackle lengths (not included).

FIELDS OF USE: Construction, Remodeling, Spray Painting, Automotive Repair, Industrial Material Cutting, Shearing, Forming, and similar equipment. Lockout can also assist a business with satisfying OSHA 29CFR1910.147 Lockout/Tagout directives.